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Frequently Asked Questions about floating your yoga :::


what is included in your class:  Transportation, 1 BOGA Yoga Board per/person, 1 Boga Paddle, 1 leash strap, 1 anchor and a cenote fee entrance, paddleboard instructional then a 1.5 hour boga yoga floating class.  You are free to paddle the lagoon area after class at your leisure! NO TIME LIMIT!  After you experience the best savasana ever, we have chilled detox organic juices waiting for you plus a raw vegan snack...all hecho en tulum.  All materials used are recycled and all ingredients are organic.

What to wear :::

Bathing suits that are comfortable are suitable and/or you can wear light wicking yoga gear that you would normally wear to a studio and don't  mind if it gets wet.


A RASH GUARD is suitable AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those who have sun or skin issues and require more coverage.  All cenotes and lagoons encourage and enforce that all persons entering the waters, are required to wear ONLY bio-degradable/eco friendly sunblock.  The waters are to be respected.  No littering!!!


SEE ALSO - WHAT DO I BRING TO CLASS Section:  for complete list!!   

I've never paddleboarded before!

Hey, its even cool if you have never taken a yoga class before either!  We have had many and encourage new-comers and yogi enthusiasts of all levels.  The worse that can happen is you fall in...and that's actually the BEST and MOST FUN Part...yes you do get wet :)


Boga Yoga is a movement, a lifestyle and the purveyors of the official Boga Yoga paddleboard - designed and engineered to float your yoga.  We are working directly with BOGA Paddleboards and Nancy is an official AMBASSADOR for the BOGA BRAND. You will not find a better suited board for taking your practice out on the waters....YOUR FLOATING MAT is the top of the line! The BOGA YOGA BOARD is designed specifically for YOGA ON A PADDLE BOARD. The high-quality mat is extra long (for those downward facing dog poses) and is soft on the hands, feet and head yet has a great grip for wet hands! The pad is so durable and made with a quick water wicking material. Plus, they are so pretty! The stability on these boards is more than perfect even for a beginner SUP Yoga Student. You will find your centre balance in minutes....BOGAste.....The BOGA FAMILY!


Sunscreen - we are eco-conscious and require your Sunscreen to be eco-friendly*

Towel and/or Pareo*

RASH GUARD - <-----HIGHLY recommended for those with tattoos, fair skin and those who are sensitive to the heat!

A Hat - preferably one you don't mind that gets wet!  Baseball hats are ideal!


Change of Clothing*

We provide you with a colourful DRY BAG. This will be placed on the front of your board with your belongings inside.


We understand social media has taken over - but we encourage you to leave your smartphones and cameras back at your hotel/home. We are more than happy to take photos for you during class so that you may concentrate on your practice! Use your own discretion when bringing electronics to the beach :)

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