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SUP Yoga Certification
We train in 3 different bodies of Water! 
A private Cenote, a Private Lagoon and the beautiful Caribbean Sea @papayaplayaproject



If the dates don't work for your schedule, we also do 1 on 1 Trainings
(just give us your 4 day schedule and we will train you privately) 
AUGUST 25TH - 28TH, 2022
Tulum, MX
SEPTEMBER 22 - 25TH, 2022
Tulum, MX
OCTOBER 20 - 23RD, 2022
Tulum, MX
NOVEMBER 24 - 27TH, 2022
Tulum, MX
OPTION : choose any 4 days this summer- FALL and we certify you IF OUR DATES DON'T WORK FOR YOU!
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"Not All trainings are created Equal"

Welcome Future SUP YOGA and PADDLE Certified Teachers!

Welcome Future SUP Yogis of the Sea!  We have thoughtfully and professionally created over the span of a few years, an in-depth program to not only teach you how to SAFELY Teach SUP Yoga, we are very focused on the entire aspect of teaching you how to become to most proficient Paddler and Paddle Teacher to fully integrate this beautiful practice of Yoga onto Water.  We also truly believe that this certification and in order for you to be the most proficient at it, is not attainable in a 2 day training.  Our Course covers so many hands on training aspects plus we also want you to be able to enjoy this beautiful part of the World, Tulum, Mexico and experience our 3 Breathtaking Spaces.  A Private Lagoon in the World Renowned SIAN KA'AN Biosphere Reserve, A Private BEACH Cenote on Tulum's infamous Beach Road and the Legendary Beachfront Hotel, Papaya Playa Project!  Our Daily Program Starts at 8:30am to 4pm and includes two Certifications:


WORLD PADDLE ASSOCIATION Level 1 (on certain Trainings)

SYT Level 1 SUP Yoga Certification


SUP Yoga Teacher Certification, as we like to say : 



And our most important goal is to have you walk away armed with everything you need and require to do so successfully and proficiently! 

SUP Yoga Tulum has successfully been running an official BOGA YOGA Floating Studio in the Riviera Maya since 2012.    A first of its kind and leader in the industry here in Mexico.  We take our practice of "teaching" very seriously, as our most important component to share is this platform comes with a lot more than just YOGA ON A PADDLE Board.  There are so many factors that many do not consider and we have gathered years of experience to help you become the most professional SUP YOGA Certified Teacher.  

OUR 4 day WEEKEND courses in Tulum, MX 

OUR 4 Day WEEKEND courses also in HOLBOX, Mexico



We require you to have your RYT200 hour or to be currently enrolled in a YOGA Alliance Credited Yoga Teacher Training Course

Know how to swim confidently

First AID and CPR Course (if you do not, we encourage you to enroll in both these courses which are readily available in all cities in towns in the USA, Canada and Mexico and Europe



Our 4 day weekend training will cover the following IN-DEPTH ::

  • Water Safety and rescue Techniques

  • WPA LEVEL 1 CERTIFICATION - World Paddle Association

  • FULL Paddle Techniques/Strokes/sup and surf etiquette


  • Learn to read your environment :: sea, ocean, lake or pool

  • Learn anchoring systems used in different areas and different ideal anchoring systems for your area

  • You will learn everything you need to start your own floating studio FROM Permits and logistics to finding the best area in your region.  As well as setting up scheduling, advertising, marketing and all the goodies we have learned after many years in the industry  

  • Full understanding of reading wind and ocean currents for optimal sup yoga conditions and paddling conditions 

  • SUP YOGA SEQUENCING From Beginner to advanced sequencing with 4 Signature SUP YOGA TULUM Classes Designed for you

  • How to choose the right board for sup yoga and paddling (the difference between yoga boards, race boards/paddle surf styles/

  • Classroom setting with 90 Page hand written manual and ON water practice

  • You will all have the opportunity to have hands-on teaching to the other members of the workshop where you will all benefit from having practice in TEACHING position where you can really begin to feel comfortable and will be positively supported and warmly critiqued to give the best sequencing class possible...


  • World Paddle Association Certificate



We have designed one of the most in-depth SUP YOGA MANUALS in the industry  - almost 90 pages that you will take home with you! Our 4 day workshop will leave you with in depth knowledge of how to successfully, safely and harmoniously teach SUP Yoga Classes in your region.


We provide a list of very affordable ACCOMMODATIONS in Tulum Town as well as a list of AIRBNB Suggestions and BEACHFRONT Tulum Hotels that are reasonably priced.  We also have a discount CODE :: SUPTT with CORAZON De Jade Hotel, Tulum Pueblo, which is also our daily meeting point!  If you choose to stay on the beach, we provide transport from BOTH Beach Accommodations and PUEBLO Accommodation.    Snacks are included!  All healthy and wholesome and we also provide water, detox organic juices.  Raw vegan snacks included are Energy balls, bars and nuts, seeds and tropical fruit delectables!  You are encouraged to bring a lunch daily, also we have amazing Vegan, Vegetarian and yes TACO Places very near to our Cenote Location,  so you can also experience some of Tulum's Famous Restaurants!


(OPTIONAL) if you are already planning to be here and have your place picked out, you can join our group!  

We look forward to hosting you in paradise to take your YOGA Teacher TRAINING to the next level!



Full Course COST:  1350.00 USD You are receiving 3 CERTIFICATES plus two SUP Certified Ambassadors Teachers and one Certified SUP Yoga Assistant!

Send directly to to 
Payment Plan available for ANYONE who requires a little more time to pay:
Full Payment Required, however, in the event that you cannot make the TT Date you booked, join us a later date up to 36 months in advance! Full Course Payment plus fee applies!
Click the Paypal button to directly send your registration...




  • All BOGA YOGA Equipment

  • Transport to OUR Private Lagoon in Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserveand Private Cenote on Tulum Beach Daily *Holbox - Public Beach

  • WHOLESOME Snacks/Drinks/Water

  • All Paddleboard Equipment by BOGA YOGA




  • YOGA ALLIANCE 25 hour Continuing Education CREDITATION

  • Indepth RefresherCPR/RESCUE Session

  • WORLD Paddle Association Level 1 Paddle Certificate *Tulum Trainings

  • Entrance to Papaya Playa Project for 1 day @ Sian Kite School Ocean Launching, Rescue and SUP Surf Lessons

4 day Tulum 

4 day


SUP TEACHER TRAINING IN Paradise with SUP YOGA Tulum BOGA Ambassador Nancy Kyd - Your CERTIFIED SUP Instructor and SUP Yoga Certified Teachers:
February 25-28, 2021 = TULUM, Mexico                   Includes - World Paddle Association Level 1 * Level 2 with JESSICA BELLOFATTO - SUP Yoga Pioneer - BOGA YOGA Ambassador and Werner Paddle Ambassador
SIAN MACONDO @ our Kite and Paddle School in PAPAYA PLAYA PROJECT Hotel and Partner of SUP YOGA TULUM, Pakal Egger. 

SUP Yoga is currently the fastest growing water sport in the world and we know why...its the most fun way to take your yoga practice outside in nature, build your core strength and take your teaching practice to the next level!


BOGA Ambassador and Certified Paddle Board Instructor Nancy Kyd and select SUP CERTIFIED Yoga Instructors will guide you through the entire process to become a proficient, confident SUP YOGA Teacher encompassing the most important elements to take your students out on water safely and to guide your practice on water.

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Sup Teacher Training Certification
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