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SUP Yoga Tulum is proud to be associated with some of the Riviera Maya's most gifted and sought after Teachers. We also offer SUP YOGA Weekly Retreats hosted by our International Teachers, who are ambassadors to the SUP Yoga Community Worldwide. Our teachers strive to give you the best experience and guidance on land and sea. Come get close and personal to meet some of them here:​


NANCY KYD - Founder, SUP Yoga Tulum, MX

Nancy is the Founder of SUP Yoga Tulum right here in sunny Tulum, Mexico. After an 18 year successful career as a House Music DJ, Record Producer and Vinyl Record Store Owner, Nancy found her next calling when she first stepped on a BOGA Yoga Board to take her practice out onto water.  She fell in love with the concept of creating a floating Yoga Studio here in the Caribbean.  She is an official BOGA YOGA Ambassador for the brand and Certified Paddleboard Instructor. She and her team put their heart and soul into every single SUP excursion to give the clients the most amazing experience on the crystal clear waters of the caribbean sea, local cenotes and lagoons.  Nancy created the FIRST and ONLY Specialized BOGA Yoga Floating Studio in The Mayan Riviera and works with an amazing team.  Her motto is...."give them all an experience they will never forget". Details and giving it her all with each group has made her School very well known in the Yoga Community as a MUST-DO-YOGA EXPERIENCE for everyone!

CAROLINE GW/Yoga - SUP Yoga teacher

Having completed her 200hr Teacher Training in July 2012 with Quantum Yoga, certified and approved by the Yoga Alliance, Caroline has studied in London and Mexico under master Yoga teachers such as Laura Baumann, Edward Clark, Anna Ashby, Ana Sussmann, Kathryn Budig and Phillip Askew. This summer Caroline furthered her studies completing Ana Forrest’s 200hr Forrest Foundation Teacher Training Course.


Her classes blend together the precision of alignment and the breath-movement synchronization of Vinyasa yoga; students will discover how yoga can: calm the mind, structurally re-align the body and allow access to greater energy sources. 


Through creative sequencing and attention to detail, Caroline encourages her students to move freely, deeply, and mindfully into their bodies. As a teacher, Caroline is an engaging, happy and warm teacher. 


Through her passion for yoga and dynamic teaching Caroline incorporates both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga paying attention to the original Sanskrit texts and terminology. She aims to allow her students to develop their own understanding of yoga in an enjoyable way.


Caroline believes yoga can enable us to create self-awareness, acceptance and compassion for living a full and spiritual life and while yoga does make our bodies stronger and more flexible, yoga's greatest gifts lie in helping us to heal on the inside by helping our minds to become more peaceful and by opening our hearts to grace.


Yoga means ‘union, when it’s practiced outdoors it seems like the union with nature, humanity, and the universe is truly felt.


“The class was amazing. Caroline is a natural teacher and knows when to push her students and when not. Her SUP classes are really well thought out and are great fun! I will definitely be back for more fun on the water! …and falling in!!! Thank you Caroline.”


T. M. Cowler






Kat Carroll has been teaching yoga for over 20 years. As a professional dancer the balance of the breath and the body was natural but overcoming the mind was her biggest challenge. This led her to study the 8 Fold Path of Ashtanga Yoga with Sri K Pattabi Jois and Beryl Bender Birch. She continued her studies through the years with other great yoga masters including Choudray Bikram, Baron Baptiste, Brian Kest and many others. Yoga is a way of life for Kat creating and nurturing her passion for photography and the beauty that this world brings. She has taught thousands of students from Minneapolis to the shores of the Caribbean Sea to master the mind is to set yourself free and to live fully in the now.


This globetrotter Yogi from Montreal , Canada  practiced  Yoga for over 10 years and has been immersed in Nosara, Costa Rica where she received her Yoga Alliance certification in 2010 . Eva has taught consistently full-time since,  to groups  & individuals .    A true Vinyasa lover, she teaches a dynamic form of Hatha yoga, that links the mind, body and breath while maintaining the heat of the body to allow for deep releasing stretches. While reputed for her attention to detail, Eva’s overall approach to asana sequencing is creative and free-flowing. She also draws inspiration from core strengthening techniques and martial arts adding a real workout feel to the practice. She is actually studying  to get her Yoga Therapy certification and is specializing herself  in teaching it one on one with a soothing hands-on assistance .  Eva has been leading Yoga retreats  and  adventures in central & south America for the past years but finally decided  to drop the anchor here in  Tulum and is hoping to inspire  many students  her knowledge about  her life changing experience and her yogic approach towards it .      Teaching Yoga on the board is just an addition to her passion  as she loves to integrate her  new element of water into her  life and Yoga practice . She organized 2 successful SUP yoga retreats since last year and is  collaborating with Sup Yoga Tulum for more trips  worldwide ! 



Yoga teacher E-RYT500/Psychologist.

I started practicing yoga at the age of 22, when I was studying psychology as I started to get interested in all kind of alternative healings. I was always called by the humanistic side of psychology which was quite new on those times, and was the only branch that considered also the spirit. Through my years of study of the human mind I got to realize that no one except yourself could actually heal yourself, and that the mind does not exist alone, is part of a human system which is also the body and the spirit.

With a background of ballet through all my childhood and Olympic gymnastics and modern dance through my adolescence, when I discovered Ashtanga Yoga I just felt like home. I felt instantly in love with the practice, also because I had found a therapy, it made me good in every aspect. Exactly what I was looking for...a way to heal myself.

Yoga was perfect for me because it was a physical challenge that also worked with the mind, which was my field of interest, and more precise with the spirit.

It didn’t take me long time to realize I had found my passion and my way to help people by teaching them how to practice this amazing ancient healing technique.

“The spirituality remains my inspiration behind my yoga practice”

I went to India first time in 2001 as soon as I finished my degree in psychology, when I was 25 years old, and practiced Ashtanga Yoga with Pathabi Jois in Mysore and with Sunil Kumar in Varanasi. With the years I have been there many times also learning other kind of yoga practices with various renown teachers and centers as Kayvaliadham Yoga Institute in Lonavla, Himalayan Yoga Center with Sharat Arora in Goa, Yoga Bones with Rolf Naujokat in Goa, Yoga Vidya Gurukul (University) in Trimbak Maharashtra, Patanjala Yoga Kendra with Usha Devi in Rishikesh,...

I am Mexican but lived 13 years abroad and since few months I am back in Mexico to live in Tulum. I have traveled around the world learning different techniques of healing and practicing Yoga also with many western teachers like Shiva Rea, Simon Park, Michael Gannon, Graeme Northfield, Marlene Henny, Gurmukh, ... I expanded my experience to include naturopath, Ayurveda, Reiki, nutrition, Iyengar, Hatha, Sivananda and Yin yoga, yoga therapy, Kundalini yoga, Bhuddist meditation, metaphysics, shamanism, reading of Akashik records, Angels therapy, SAAMA (Unblock emotional Therapy with Quantum Physics),...

I have lived in Mexico, India, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

It has been a long path of whole transformation, it took me time to realize how yoga is a holistic way of life which leads you to a healthy approach in every single aspect, rather than just a practice.

“I see yoga as a way of life and not merely as a physical training”

I think my biggest quality is the need I have for helping others. I have realized what I want to do in life is to bring awareness and consciousness to open people to a new way of life more connected to our own nature and to nature itself.

I encourage my students to lead a healthier life in every aspect which will lead them to happiness. But especially my biggest concern is to find our deepest inner self and connect with it...

I call my classes Flowing Yoga, where I teach who I am more than what I know. With deep roots in Ashtanga my style is Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Flow, which are dynamic creative series where we emphasize the synchronicity of breath with movement, flowing from one Asana to the next one. The intention is to make an active meditation keeping the mind present at the same time that we strengthen and cultivate a healthy body, emphasizing on an Iyengar approach working a lot with the right alignment for the therapeutic effects of the asanas.

I have a deep spiritual focus and I try to transmit to my students the essence of Yoga as a way of life and not as just a physical workout. I adapt them depending on the energy of the day and to who assist, each session is a creative series adapted to each individual, making it suitable for any kind of people and level of practice. I can teach to beginners and to advance students.

I also teach Ashtanga classes which have a deep foundation in Patthabi ́s Jois teachings, which is traditional Ashtanga Mysore Style and

Led Primary Series.

My Vinyasa and Hatha Flow classes have my own

touch according to my knowledge and experience through the years, even though having an Ashtanga root I also incorporate principles from Sivananda, Iyengar yoga, Reiki,

Buddhist Meditation, Mudras and Ayurveda.

I teach mainly one to one private classes, I have regular groups too and have taught in many places in Ibiza, Spain like The Garden of light,

Agroturismo Can Jondal, La Galeria Elefante, Kamala wellness center, Bienestar Ibiza, Ibiza Healing Day, .... And in Tulum, Mexico in Casa Violeta, Dreams Tulum, Zen Serenity, Ahau, Sanará, Yoga Shala, Yaän Wellness energy Spa, Amansala, Maya Tulum, Alaya, SUP yoga...I also teach in retreats, the last one was with Simon Park in Menorca, Spain in June 2014. I give pranayama and meditation classes as well as different kind of workshops like Yoga basics, Ayurvedic Nutrition, Ayurveda as a way of life, The importance of the foundation for Yoga Asanas, Strengthening the Core, Mudras: take your life in your hands and make the best of it, Buddhist meditation: connect to your inner self,...

At the moment I am studying the first level of Kundalini yoga at Sikh Center Cancun.

I am a 500 hours Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with the European and American Yoga Alliance. (E-RYT 500)



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